About Us


All Kinds of Parties!

 If you're going to hit the dance floor anywhere in the Quad Cities area and looking for some good quality music that won't break the bank, I'm your DJ, and whether I'm working your wedding, family reunion, school dance, or even just a backyard BBQ you're sure to have a great time. 


Great Music

I am very well versed in "reading" the crowd to play what is appropriate for everyone to dance to, but I will not play the same music all night.  I will hit most any genre of music that you and your guests want to hear.  You can set up a play list before hand if you would like or just simply request anything specific during the event.

Meet the DJ


About Me...

 My name is Larry Burden and I want to be your Party DJ for your upcoming event. 
Ever since I can remember, I have been into the music scene.  Back in 1993 I went to a class at a local club to teach how to beat match music and how to DJ.  I fell in love with being a Disc Jockey right then and there.  I started as that clubs DJ within a few months.  I have been DJ’ing in clubs and bars ever since.  I went to Iraq in 2005 and a buddy of mine helped me to start a club over in the desert for the guys to come in and unwind a bit and get the edge off.  I have been doing weddings, school dances and parties since 2008.  


Why Choose Me?

 I have multiple years of experience under my belt and know how to get a crowd dancing.  I use state of the art equipment that I have been expanding on over the last few years.  I have the right size setup for a small back yard BBQ all the way up to rigs and lighting effects for a school gymnasium. I play any genre of music that there is from Country to Hip Hop; Alternative Rock to the Golden Oldies.  I have an online music service subscription so my music catalog is always up to date with the most current music available and there won’t be anything that you hear on the radio that I shouldn’t have.

I love what I do, and I’m sure that you will love it too.