Karaoke with KaraFun


29,000 studio-quality songs
KaraFun gives you more than 29,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. Your device instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine!

Offline Sync
Hosting a karaoke party in the country house? KaraFun's got your back even when you're off the grid. Sync the songs that you like (or need) offline and keep the party going!

Custom key & tempo
Customize the key and tempo of any song in our catalog. Get singing, your way!

Singer Management
Designed for the singer's, the queue allows you to add anybody's name to an

upcoming song and the order of songs.

Don't care to do Karaoke.  Do you know a song and just want to do a sing-a-long with it?  Many couples have done sing-a-longs with a lot of the popular songs, some oldies too!!!  Summer Lovin seems to be a popular one, sing this along with the music and see how long your guests can stay seated.