Price List


I will be the first to say that I am not the cheapest in town, nor will I ever claim to be "the best". Even if I did who would be able to verify that. What I will give you for your event, however, is complete transparency. What you see is what you get, every picture on my site and my Facebook, I took during an actual event.

All of my listed prices are set to make sure that you get a quality DJ at a good price. I am not trying to break your bank as this is not my full-time job; just something that I enjoy doing and I like sharing my skills with people. big B DJ services DJ cost is what I believe is a good balance of the cost of my time and great music for you as I want you to be ecstatic with the service you receive and recommend me to your friends.

I do charge for set up and tear down, many other DJ's do not, but I do this to try and help a wide variety of customers and events. Many DJ services have a 4 hour minimum play time, I even did for quite a while, but have been asked multiple times about shorter shows, lets face it sometimes a Karaoke office party isn't 4 hours long. I have adjusted my prices in order to book some shorter shows and actually provide a less expensive service for longer shows.

- As little as $100 will secure your date. - We will pay you $50 after your show for any referral that books with us. - We coordinate with Caterers and photographers to make sure your event runs smoothly